Name; Phoenix
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Kintypes; Catkin, Flamekin |
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Birthday; 11/12
Matesprit; deadgirlandghostboy
Moirail; danacardinal
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I'm garbage.
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Shout-out to autistics who forced themselves to learn how to read social cues and constantly get their identity questioned as a result.

sure you are, esp. if it’s over gamzee lol that’s a super sensitive topic

no but im. not im just a small little child im not ready to gaduate to the big blogs i want diapey and milky

wait what, what’d i do?

so that aon wasnt you??? a random?? anon?? what??? im not popular enough for that tho???

princekurlozmakara replied to your post: princekurlozmakara replied to your pos…

i don’t think it was jamie either? probably was just a random anon tbh

i refuse to believe it was anybody but jamie

dude for real. it wasn’t me.

i beliece you *floats into void*

it wasn’t me i promise lol

*squints* ok…

My first girlfriend turned into THE MOON
That’s rough, buddy

okay for seriously tho who were those anons?

I have the sneaking suspicion they were jamie or stephen

i find it hard to believe any random anon would actually go onto my blog

That’s rough, buddy